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The Reawakening

Image of The Reawakening


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5th studio album from THE BERZERKER

Track Listing
1. Wisdom and Corruption
2. An Unforgotten Force
3. Caught in the crossfire
4. The Deception
5. Disassembly Line
6. Evolution of Aggression
7. Your Final Seconds
8. Harvesting a Loved One
9. Internal Examination
10. Spare Parts
Bonus Re-Mixes
11. Spare Parts - Namshubofenki Mix
12. Spare Parts - Bazooka Mix
13. Caught in the crossfire - Zardonic Mix
14. Spare Parts - Delta 9 Mix
15. Caught in the crossfire - Stanley Cupid Mix
16. Spare Parts - Frazzbass Mix

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